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Serenity Counseling, LLC For those exploring they/them as an identity. #TransAwarenessWeek #nonbinary #lgbTq16.11.2018 at 03:13 pmLike
Serenity Counseling, LLC Check out these events for #TransAwarenessWeekSerenity Counseling, LLC shared LGBT Life Center's post.14.11.2018 at 06:28 pmLike
Serenity Counseling, LLC It’s Trans Awareness Week! I’ll be sharing various themed awareness-minded infographics and links (like I normally do) to help with educating and advocating for trans youth and adults. It’s a large part of the clients that I work with, and an honor for me to assist them on their journeys. #transisbeautiful #transawarenessweek #learnsomethingnewSerenity Counseling, LLC shared The Trevor Project's post.12.11.2018 at 09:06 pmLike
Serenity Counseling, LLC If you need support, please consider these outlets! #transisbeautiful #wontbeerased #transally #lgbtqallySerenity Counseling, LLC shared VA-ALGBTIC's post.30.10.2018 at 09:26 amLike
Serenity Counseling, LLC Oh, Laverne. You slay! The more trans voices speak, the more we all can listen. #WontBeErased #TransIsBeautiful #TransIsStrong #TransIsResilientSerenity Counseling, LLC shared Transgender Law Center's post.26.10.2018 at 03:34 pmLike