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Serenity Counseling, LLC The lengths that some would go to stigmatize and criminalize children’s exploration of identity is amazing. This legislation will be fought in court.Serenity Counseling, LLC shared Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues in Counseling's post.18.07.2018 at 07:19 pmLike
Serenity Counseling, LLC A great series about folks who are identified as trans and their coming to terms and flourishing! Being trans can be an identity, but you can also be so many things! #transisbeautiful #lgbTqSerenity Counseling, LLC shared My Trans Life's video.13.07.2018 at 11:56 amLike
Serenity Counseling, LLC I am proud of Rep. Scott Taylor for affirming his commitment to the LGBTQ community, but it is a sad day for potential foster parents, adoptive parents, and mostly for those youth who desire and deserve a loving home. Many adoption agencies are affiliated with a faith, and I hope that they act in ways that we hope they act, in that just because they have the "option" to deny a second look at LGBTQ families doesn't mean that they will. Having worked in foster care, and having seen LGBTQ youth be stigmatized and ostracized, and not allowing willing, capable, and loving families the ability to provide these children with a stable and loving home, it is a travesty that those with a faith choose to deny love to innocent children. It is not every person, but this legislation effects all.

In order for folks' voices to be heard, there has to be a collective voice and visibility. Please make sure you are registered to vote, and vote in any elections that occur this year and every election. #wewontbesilent #loveislove #childrenneedfamilies #alltypesoffamilies
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Serenity Counseling, LLC Warning: Some language may be questionable around children (not the word penis though, although that is in there).

We should all be so brave to talk about the things she has been brave enough to share. What makes us "us" is us, not the "them" that we all compare ourselves to. We, however we identify, should be able to just be, and not feel the need to qualify ourselves, or our ability to belong to a specific group that we identify with.

#TheFutureIsIntersectional #transisbeautiful
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Serenity Counseling, LLC Yet another reason to be cautious about heat-related issues. Stay cool, safe, and hydrated, no matter your circumstances. #themoreyouknow 💫Serenity Counseling, LLC shared NBC News's post.08.07.2018 at 09:22 amLike