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Serenity Counseling, LLC On repeat. Take care of yourselves, and each other!Serenity Counseling, LLC shared a photo.15.07.2019 at 02:00 pmLike
Serenity Counseling, LLC For those who fit just fine, outside of the binary. I hope that all who are questioning, or who have already questioned know that a NB identity is part of the genders that make up our colorful world. You are loved! #theythemtheir #zezir #nonbinary #genderqueerSerenity Counseling, LLC shared a photo.14.07.2019 at 10:40 amLike
Serenity Counseling, LLC Yesterday was the theme of troubling relationships with parents. For those who might be interested, see if these ring true or truer than not for you. We all need to know our strength as well as what is healthy and appropriate in relationships. It happens far too often, and many feel the guilt associated with having an emotionally needy or fragile parent.27.06.2019 at 06:19 amLike
Serenity Counseling, LLC Thanks to a dear friend for sharing this on zir's page, I'm sharing it with you! A client had the bravery to do this with a family member, and I encourage you, if needed, to do the same.Serenity Counseling, LLC shared a post.25.06.2019 at 03:59 pmLike
Serenity Counseling, LLC If this is something you care about, please provide public comment. #protecttranshealth21.06.2019 at 06:05 pmLike