Welcome to Serenity Counseling

se·ren·i·ty (səˈrenədē/) – noun: 1. the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

Our aim is to take you from a state of sadness, anxiety, worry, or stress, to one of Serenity. We use a holistic approach to counseling, in ensuring that not only can your mind and spirit can improve, but your physical body can as well. Knowing that our brains and bodies hold hurt, negative memories and thoughts, and feeling as though we are stuck, we encourage our clients to learn more about their brains, bodies, and selves to promote healing, inside – and out. You are an integral part of this process, and we hope to work with you on achieving your Serenity!
-Angela P. Callahan, LPC, NCC
Owner and Therapist